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Training Nationals to Start Church-Planting Movements Among the Unreached

My very own Bible!” Jimmy was standing in front of  me and holding his new Bible to his chest with both hands. He said it again: “My very own Bible!” and then added, “I never thought that I would be able to have a Bible of my own. Thank you Lord!”

Jimmy was one of 30 young men and women who did some work for us in order to earn their very own Bibles. They carried heavy rocks from the nearby mountainside to the site where we plan to build our dorms for the training center. Each of them carried 7 piles of rocks, which is the set amount of rocks for the price that a Bible costs.

Most of these youth and young adults are members of our Future Leaders' Program. After doing Bible studies all summer long, they have grown to realize the importance of studying God's word on their own, and with this realization came the desire to obtain a Bible of their own. Since many of them did not have the money to purchase a Bible, they were more than happy to do some work for us in exchange for one. They all worked very hard to earn their Bibles, and will certainly cherish the Word of God all the more it. It has certainly been a joy for us to see these 30 young men and women so eager and hungry for God's Word. And we pray that as they now own a Bible of their own, that they would read it and grow in their faith.

~ Sammy Weber

When I'm done with my schooling I want to do what you guys are doing.  I want to tell people about Jesus and teach them God's Word. Before I didn't know the importance of God's Word, but now I understand it.”

~ Adasha (one of the youth in our Future Leaders' Program)

I don't know what I would do without you and the people who support you.  There would be no other way for me to finish high school, since my parents don't have the money.  I hope that someday I can do for others what God has used you to do for me.”

~ Aude (another one of the youth)

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