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Training Nationals to Start Church-Planting Movements Among the Unreached

The training time that my wife and I went through was not just impacting, it was transformational! We left the training completely different people than we had been. We came into training fearful about going to an unreached tribe and unsure of our calling. We left the training passionate to see the Great Commission fulfilled and eager to take part in it.”

~ (one of the missionaries that we trained and sent out)

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Before I came to the training, I didn't really know what it meant to pray. And reading God's Word was just something I did. But the training opened up a whole new world for me. Now I can talk to Jesus about anything, and when I open the Bible I hear Him talking right to me.”

~ (another of the missionaries that we trained and sent out)

It is with great joy that I am writing you this letter to update you on what God is doing in and through our team here in Cameroon. Last Saturday I made my first trip to visit some of our missionaries in the remote villages where they are serving. The two villages I visited were really remote and I realized as I went over the very rugged path why these villages have remained unreached for so long. Only motorcycles make it to these villages, since there is no road that a larger vehicle can travel on and there is a river to cross with no bridge. At the river there are young men who will carry you and your motorcycle across for 1000cfa (about $2). That is how you get to the other side. The water is often up to ones chest. We really praise God for our missionaries who live in these very harsh circumstances because of their zeal to share the Good News of Christ with those who have not yet heard.”

~ Jean Bruno (October 27, 2011)