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Training Nationals to Start Church-Planting Movements Among the Unreached

On one of his trips to an unreached village M** stayed in the guest room of the chief of the village, in the chief's compound. He had a Fulfulde Proclaimer with him (Fulfulde is the name of the language that our target unreached people group speak, and the Proclaimer is a solar-powered audio New Testament player). Since M** was new in the village he was afraid to play his Proclaimer in public places because he thought that if others in the village heard him listening to it, or if he gave it to others to listen to, the villagers would then all know that he was a Christian and might not allow him to settle there. He figured that he should build several strong relationships first, before beginning to witness openly.

But one day, as he was listening to the Proclaimer in his home, the chief came by and started listening to it with him. Then the chief asked him, “Where did you get this black box which speaks so many true things? Did you buy it somewhere?”

“No” he replied, “Someone gave it to me for free”.

The chief was surprised and then asked, “Can you lend it to me for a little while. Since it speaks about God and tells of many important things concerning Him, I want to take it to the mosque this evening so that everyone there can listen to it too.”


So M** lent him the Proclaimer and he went and played it at the mosque that evening. Everyone at the mosque gathered around and listened to it intently for a long time. The chief continued to take it there every evening for the rest of M**'s visit there, and everyone listened to it.

On the evening of the third day that people at the mosque were listening to this audio New Testament, a man came to visit M** after dark. After all the normal greetings and some small-talk the man grew serious and said to him, “I would like to ask you a question. I don't know if it is a question that I should be asking or not, but I feel that I need to ask it. Forgive me if it is wrong for me to ask this. But in the mosque we are not allowed to ask questions about this kind of thing, so I thought maybe I could come and ask you since you were the one who brought the black box into our village. My question is this: If we want to get eternal life, which is the best way to get it -- is it by obeying the teachings of Islam that we are taught in the mosque, or by believing what that black box is saying? It seems to me that they are somehow different, and that one of the two must be the right way.”

To answer the man's question M** explained how Jesus is the door, the gate to entering eternal life, and how He is the only man who was up in Heaven before He was down here on earth, and so He knows the way to Heaven perfectly. After this discussion the man exclaimed, “I will put my hope in Jesus and in His words, because only He can show me the way to Heaven. No other man has been there, and then been here on earth also!”

~ (This story was told to us by one of the church-planters currently serving on the field. His name has been omitted from the story for security purposes.)

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