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Before beginning this ministry, we spent 18 months raising 24/7 prayer support. We consider our prayer chain to be an indispensable part of our work and the prayer warriors who fill the slots to be key players in this Gospel work. There are, however, a few slots on the prayer chain that are still empty. If you would be willing to commit to praying for this ministry for half an hour every week at a set time, and so become a link in the 24/7 prayer chain, we would love to hear from you! We would be honored to have you join us in this crucial way.

Download our most current list of prayer chain slots still needing to be filled:

* 24/7 Prayer Chain Slots (.jpg)


There are three main reasons why we feel that it is essential to have continuous prayer being lifted up on our behalf.  

The first reason if for power. We believe that the prayers of the saints are powerful and effective and that when the church prays, God acts.

The second reason is for protection. The kind of work that God has called us to involved dangers both in the spiritual realm and in the physical realm. We sometimes go into villages where Satan and the powers of darkness have reigned for centuries, and we go with the seeds of light. We face spiritual attacks as the forces of darkness try to hinder our work and we face physical threats of sickness or injury. We believe that these things cannot stop us or hinder this work so long as we are covered by the prayers of God's people and walking in His will.

The third reason is for perseverance. The knowledge that we are being prayed for during every hour of every day is a source of crucial accountability. It helps us say no to temptations and helps us to keep on running the race even when things are tough. It is also a great encouragement for us to know that whatever trial we are going through, there is, at that moment, someone lifting us up in prayer.


If you choose to commit to taking a slot on our prayer chain but then find it difficult to remain consistent in your prayer times, we would suggest that you do one of four things:

1) Form an accountability group. Find others who are willing to keep you accountable or to join you during your prayer times, and encourage you so that it will be easier for you to keep your commitment.

2) Don't beat yourself up with guilt every time that you miss your prayer time. Instead, allow the Spirit of God to teach you consistency over the course of time. Remember that Jesus is always interceding for us, so you are not leaving us "uncovered" when you accidentally miss a prayer time.

3) If your schedule has changed from when you made your commitment, email us to find a different prayer slot for a time that works better for you.

4) If you find, over the course of several months, that you are really unable to pray consistently for this work, and are not improving in your efforts, then we would encourage you to begin looking for someone else who can take your time slot. Do your best to continue praying during your slot until you find someone else who can take it.