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Immediately following one of our Bible studies for the Future Leaders' Program, a young man came up to Sammy and I and asked if he could talk with us about something of great importance. So we put aside what we were doing and gave him our attention. Everyone else from the study had left and it was just the three of us. He said to us, “I've been trying hard for a long time to be a Christian. I try and try, but there's a voice in my head that keeps on telling me that I'm not a real Christian. I don't know if I really am or not. I want you guys to pray for me.” When we heard him, we were very surprised. We could tell that he was really serious.

We talked with him about what it really means to be a Christian and how it’s not about doing certain things or trying but about a relationship with Jesus Christ and being transformed into His likeness through His Spirit living in us. We talked with Him about how being a Christian is becoming a new creation in which God gives us a new heart and puts to death our sinful nature. As we talked, he was visibly moved. He said that what we were describing was exactly what he longed for. After this, we knelt down together and prayed. He gave his life over to Jesus Christ, and made Him his Lord and Savior.

Indeed this was the biggest miracle that happened that day. But there was another miracle that had happened a few minutes earlier that we didn't find out about until some weeks later.

The means that God used to bring that young man to that point of desperately wanting to belong to Jesus was something neat as well. You see, this young man had suffered from migraine headaches for quite some time (when he told me about it he didn't specify exactly how long, but it sounded like it had been several years). That evening as he sat in our Bible Study listening to us teach he was suffering from both a migraine headache and a bad cold. He prayed, “God, if what they are saying about you is really true and if you are really for real, then please heal me”. Within a couple minutes he was healed. Then he knew that he couldn't procrastinate getting serious with God anymore. He shared about his healing with me a few weeks later, and told me that I should share it with the people who sent me to encourage them with what God is doing here. I pray that it encourages you just as much as it has encouraged us!

~ Jean Bruno

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