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It was Sunday morning, about 8am on November 8, 2009. I was on the back of a motorcycle on my way to a remote village. The path we were on was about 1.5 meters wide, and there was eight-foot-tall grass on both sides. There were three of us on the motorcycle: the driver, myself, and another passenger. I was in the back. We had already crossed the a river by canoe and were about an hour from the village we were going to. The path we were on was rugged, taking us up and down hills, through small streams and mud holes, and through dense jungle.

We were on our way down a hill (going fairly fast) when we noticed a herd of cows in the path ahead of us. Our driver tried to brake, but at that moment we heard the break cable snap, causing our brakes to fail, so instead of slowing down, we gained velocity as we continued down the hill towards the herd of cows. At the last moment, before we would have hit a large bull, our driver turned the front wheel so that we went flying in the air. We landed in the tall grass at the left of the path. I landed first, the driver landed on top of me, the third rider landed on top of the both of us, and then last of all the motorcycle landed on top of us all.

It took a while to get untangled and back on our feet, but when we were finally able to get up, we were amazed to find that none of use were hurt or even scratched in any way. Even the motorcycle did not have any damages from the accident. What’s more, is that all along the path there were rocks and hard ground. But in that one spot where we had landed, it was soft and clear of rocks. The driver and the other rider looked at each other a moment, then they said to me, “Next time, we are riding with you, because we can see that you have angels protecting you!” We were able to fix the brake cable on the motorcycle, and continued on our journey thanking and praising God for His protection.

~ Sammy Weber

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