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Training Nationals to Start Church-Planting Movements Among the Unreached

By God's grace and enablement, this ministry has seen much progress since it began in 2009.  We know that visible progress is only one of many measurements by which a ministry can be assessed, since so much of what God does in and through us is neither visible nor easy to measure.  We do, however, want to share with you some of the visible, measurable things that we've seen God do in the past few years so that you can join us in praising God for them.

My very own Bible!” Jimmy was standing in front of  me and holding his new Bible to his chest. . .Read More>>

I've been trying hard for a long time to be a Christian.  I try and try, but there's a voice in my head that keeps on telling me that I'm not a real Christian”. . . Read More>>

God has enabled us to provide educational scholarships to about 50 youth each year, and to mentor them using question-based Bible studies and group activities.

He has used us to bring many of these youth into a saving relationship with His Son.

He has enabled us to mobilize 30 Cameroonian believers from several different denominations to come to our church-planter training.

The training time that my wife and I went through was not just impacting, it was transformational! We left the training completely different people”. . .Read More>>

God enabled us to mentor and train those whom He had called, to equip them in the Word of God, and prepare them to serve Him effectively among unreached tribes.

Since M** was new in the village he was afraid to play his Proclaimer in public places because he thought that if others in the village heard him listening to it, the villagers would then all know that he was a Christian. . .Read More>>

We were on our way down a hill on a motorcycle when we noticed a herd of cows in the path ahead of us. Our driver tried to brake, but at that moment we heard the break cable snap, causing our brakes to fail. . .Read More>>

He enabled us to help several Cameroonian churches send out their own missionaries for the very first time!

A woman had gone to the stream to bathe, and while bathing the charms that normally hung around her neck (to ward of evil spirits) fell off into the stream. When she tried to retrieve them, she could not find them anywhere. . .Read More>>

God used those that we've trained to lead people to Jesus among a tribe and language that formerly had no believers at all, thus making Revelation 7:9 possible with regards to that particular tribe.

Abraham followed a certain path. Moses followed that same path. And Mohamed also followed that path. But Jesus, he clearly followed a different path.” G** looked at his friend *Ibraim* and thought of how he might respond to this statement. . .Read More>>

God has protected us supernaturally in our travels, and continues to watch over us and provide for all our needs.