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Free Downloads

Other Great Sites to Checkout

Parable Stories

(with Coloring Pages)

* Good and Bad Fish

* Jesus in Disguise

* Lighting the Lamp

* Planting Seeds

* The Great Treasure

* The Lost Coin

Kids Ministry Materials

* Prayer Card – Weber Family

* Prayer Card – Unreached Children

* Prayer Card – Our Team

* Pop-Up Offering Box

* Even Kids Can Do Big Things

Teaching Materials

* Ideas for Engaging Kids in Missions

* What is a Church

* Monso’s Idol Shop (Puppet Show)

* Monso’s Idol Shop (Audio MP3)

About Cameroon

* Facts About Cameroon

* Map of Cameroon

* Color-by-Number Cameroon Flag

* Kids of Cameroon

* Ludo Game

* West African Cookbook

African Coloring Pages

* Coloring Page 1

* Coloring Page 2

* Coloring Page 3

* Coloring Page 4



An interactive map interface gives a great geographical context to missions. Includes stories, games, country information, downloadable resources, and more! A fun way for kids to learn about different countries and cultures across the globe.

Kid Stuff


New Tribes Mission has exciting missionary stories for kids, along with games and activities.

Multicultural Paper Dolls


A wide assortment of paper dolls to download. These dolls are from various countries around the world, including India, Africa, China, Mexico, Australia, and more! Dolls come with assortment of clothing options to help children get a better idea of how people in other countries dress. Can also be used as illustrations in story telling. Be sure to also check out their link for "Spiritual Friends" for nice assortment of Bible character paper dolls.

Homeschool Curriculum


Harvest Ministries offers a FREE one-year unit study homeschool curriculum, especially designed to incorporate God's heart for missions into nearly every subject.

Nurturing the Tender Years


Nurturing the Tender Years has a selection of mission based schoolwork pages. Each page is free to download. Work pages include addition and subtraction practice sheets, English rhyming words, time-telling worksheets, learning to count worksheets, and more! Great for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1 grade kids.

Go West Africa


Downloadable lessons and activities for teaching kids about missions in West Africa. Lessons are meant for 1-2 hour sessions. They contain games, activities, crafts, missionary kid stories, facts, and prayer requests from each country.

African Jesus Pictures


These posters are really good quality, with vibrant colors and beautiful pictures! This is a large set of posters that tell the stories of Jesus. All pictures are set in an African setting. The cost for a set of 73+ posters is about 16 euros.

Wycliffe Resources for Kids


Wycliffe Bible Translators has several free resources, including activity pages and lesson plans, that can help you teach your children about world missions.

Savannah Safari


Free mission focus VBS program.

Heart for Missions


Heart For Missions Baptist VBS program



Lots of resources for teaching kids about missions.



Crafts for kids with an African theme. Some crafts are printable. All crafts can be made from items around your home.

Busy Bee Kids Crafts


Cute Africa crafts for kids.

African Crafts


Assortment of African crafts for kids.