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Training Nationals to Start Church-Planting Movements Among the Unreached


We mobilize Cameroonian church-planters by building partnerships with local churches. We travel by foot, by motorcycle, by bush taxi, or by canoe, to churches all over Cameroon to share with the congregations and church leaders about the Great Commission and what we believe their role could be in fulfilling it. We strive to work with every evangelical denomination, helping them to meet their goals of church-planting by offering them affordable and practical training for those they wish to send out.

We believe that any believer can become an effective church-planter if they are willing to render themselves fully unto God and allow His Spirit to bring them to maturity. This is exciting news to some Cameroonians who have sensed the call of God upon their lives but have not been given many opportunities to serve Him in the existing ecclesiastical structures, due to their lack of formal education.

Our training program allows people of all denominations, regardless of their level of education, to come and learn how to effectively minister among unreached people. When these harvesters and church-planters graduate from the training program, they are then sent off by their home church and they move to settle among unreached tribes.


There are two groups of people that we seek to mentor.  The first group are those that we mobilize to become harvesters among unreached tribes. These are families who have decided (with the blessing and affirmation of their pastor and home congregation) that they wish to spend their lives working to start church-planting movements among least reached peoples.  We mentor them through a hands-on training program that operates out of the small village of Yimbéré. The 1-year training program is designed to help the potential harvesters grow deeper in their prayer lives, learn to hear God speaking to them through His Word, and learn to rightly divide His Word for others. It also equips them with creative ways of sharing their faith among the target tribe that they will be sent to, as well as giving them practical *tent-making* skill that they can use to support themselves financially while serving the Lord.

The second group of people that we mentor are the youth in our Future Leaders' Program. In this program we provide education scholarships to dozens of youth. In exchange for the scholarships, these youth attend regular Bible studies and do manual labor in a farm that generates income to support this program. The Future Leaders' Program is designed to teach youth the Word of God, a good work ethic, and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus. We go through the Bible with them from Genesis to Revelation, teaching them how to read, understand, and apply it to everyday life. Many of the youth that we are mentoring now will someday be leaders in Cameroon. Helping them to get a good education now will enable them to get good jobs later on. And by discipling them along the way, we are preparing them to be strong Christian witnesses in influential positions in Cameroon. It is also our hope that some of these youth would be the church-planters of tomorrow and that others would become financial supporters of those who do.


We strive to see multiplication of born-again followers of Jesus. We strive to see multiplication of Christ-centered harvesters. We strive to see multiplication of passion for reaching unreached tribes. And ultimately, we strive to see the multiplication of fervent love and unwavering passion for Jesus.

We believe strongly in the principles of reproducibility and multiplication. These principles undergird virtually everything that we do. This is why instead of just going to the unreached tribes ourselves, we mobilize and train others to do so.  Instead of building a huge, expensive training program with western funds to train large numbers of church-planters at one time, we have a smaller, more personal training program that can be easily reproduced or emulated by other local ministries. God has been graciously working through us and granting us multiplication. Those that we have trained so far are seeing people come to Jesus among a tribe that has for a long time been considered *impossible to reach*. Our team is growing, the number of harvesters on the field is increasing, and after three years of leading our Future Leaders' Program some of the youth are now rising up and taking leadership of it themselves.

It is our goal that in a few years all the programs we are currently conducting will be self-sustaining and being led by Cameroonian nationals, freeing us up to then move on to other countries in Africa to continue the process of Mobilizing, Mentoring, and Multiplying.

Our Strategy in 5 Steps

1) Research – We do survey work to find out which tribes are unreached in a given area, and who the nearest mature churches are to that unreached people.

2) Cast Vision – We raise awareness about the unreached peoples and the urgency of the Gospel among the local churches in the region, through meetings with the church leaders, seminars, brochures, and demonstrations.

3) Mobilize – We help the local churches find people in their congregations who sense a call to be missionaries and who meet the qualifications given for elders in 1 Timothy 3:2-7.

4) Train – We hold a series of training sessions for the African missionary candidates, which prepare them for starting church-planting movements in the target culture.

5) Send – Once the missionaries have graduated from our training program, we help their churches send them off as their missionaries, so that they can begin their work among the unreached people group. After this, their work is no longer dependant on us, but rather on them and their local church. At this point we are freed up to start the process over again.